Community Outreach

You fed me when I was hungry. 

The Budalang’i Floods

The church of Jesus Christ plays an integral part in bringing hope to the nations of the world.

Africa is a continent that has been impoverished by an avalanche of problems ranging from civil wars, illiteracy, unemployment, sickness and disease, HIV- AIDS scourge, corruption and the archaic traditions, which deprive its victims of even the little resources they possess. There is no better panacea than the love of Christ.

The church of Jesus has played a pivotal role in alleviating pain suffering in this continent.  Widows and orphans left behind by the HIV-AIDS pandemic find solace in the church and this gives them hope to carry on life. The church also gives hope to young people by training them to live responsibly by making use of the available resources other than just waiting for government jobs.

Supporting the government’s initiative

Most areas surrounding Lake Victoria experienced severe flooding twice last year 2003 and most of the flood victims are yet to settle up to this date after their houses were either swept away or engulfed in the floods. The Kenyan government in conjunction with philanthropic organizations moved in to evacuate the victims to higher ground and also to provide them with basic victuals.

This was the moment we as the church moved in to not only to provide the flood victims with clothes and food items but also provided them with bibles and taught them the word of God. The government provided us with land rovers to help transport the supplies because of the rough terrain. The Budalangi District officer received the donation and witnessed this benevolent act graced this occasion.

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