How CDC church started


Bishop George started CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP CENTER in his house in Busia town in 1990 after working in the field of Evangelism for seven years. This fellowship began with only three people but Bishop believed that if it was of God, He would make it grow.

It is a blessing to be in God’s timing. After three months the number outgrew the house and had to look for a spacious place. We then moved to the social hall in Busia. This move made some people who are very spiritual not to join the church because of some evil activities that were going on in the Hall. It was a trying time but the Lord gave us the grace to be there for seven years.

“After seven years the Lord told me that the time of Grace is over and that we will have to live the hall and build our own building. In 1997 we raised money and bought land and the Lord showed me the type of building He wanted us to build. Because we did not have any resources, we thought of what to begin with. So we raised the pillars and the roof of 96ft x 40ft. What amazed us was that before we filled in the walls the building was full.

Right now we are building a multi million building out of nothing and I mean out of nothing!! We thank well wishers who have generously contributed to the progress of the building. We are building a four storey complex which has really weighed us down financially

We invite well wishers to join with us in prayers and in kind as the Lord leads.

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