Praise and Worship

This is a very vital department of the Church as it is mandated in ALL Praise and Worship leading of the Church and any other function that may have been organized by the Church other than normal Sunday Worship services and Lunch-hour services.

This Team is more than just a Department: it is a family of faith, intercession, retreats, fun and games which serve to unite, rebuke, build, share and develop each other spiritually, physically and socially.

The Media team which is in charge of audio-visual display, projection, announcements and IT is condensed into this Praise Team.

The Praise and Worship meets every Monday, Thursday and Saturdays for their worship practices.

It serves under the leadership of Sis. Susan Nyangai and Elder Joanes Mango who is the Patron. The Bishop is the overall Praise and Worship Leader.

Sis. Susan Nyangai (Praise and Worship Leader)

Sis. Susan Nyangai (Praise and Worship Leader)

Praise in Action

CDC Busia Praise Team in worship

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Praise Team in Action

Praise Team in Action

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