CDC Busia – Services

Regular services are held every week at the head quarters Christian Discipleship Center as follows:


Morning Prayers …6.00 a.m – 7.00 a.m

First service …  7.00 a.m– 9. 30 a.m

Second Service … 10.00 am – 12.30 pm

WEDNESDAYS: Mid-week service….5.00 pm

FRIDAYS:         Mid-week service….5.00 pm

SATURDAYS:  Home cells fellowships 4.00pm

BLESSED HOUR – Monday to Friday 12.45 pm – 2.00 pm
“BLESSED HOUR” is a non-denominational lunch hour fellowship in which pastors and believers from churches around Busia, Kenya participate. Those that attend these meetings have been blessed and encouraged by the various gifts and ministry of different pastors and leaders from within and without Busia town. Meetings are held from Monday to Friday 12.45 pm – 2.00 pm.

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